About the Journal

The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research is the go-to journal for those interested in the study and development of literacy in the Nordic context. We are an open-access scholarly journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

The central aim of the journal is to provide new knowledge and understanding about the ways in which literacy is used, taught, and measured in the Nordic context and how it is embedded in everyday practices across educational contexts. NJLR aims to contribute a broad perspective on literacy as a phenomenon and welcomes articles on literacy from kindergarten to adult life.

Literacy is a complex and multifaceted study domain, requiring a range of different research perspectives. NJLR is therefore open for articles representing a wide range of methods, provided that they are used precisely and sensibly. We welcome high quality submissions drawing on qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods empirical data, as well as rigorous methodological and theoretical contributions. We also encourage articles reporting hypothesis testing, large scale interventions, design-based research and systematic reviews. In order to contribute to the development of research methods within the Nordic literacy research community, NJLR also encourages submissions of study protocols of planned and ongoing literacy studies.