About the journal

The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research will contribute to the creation of a critical and dynamic picture of literacy in a Nordic context. Literacy research includes not only reading and writing research in the traditional sense, but also culturally-oriented research into how texts are part of literacy practices and help to shape such practices. Culturally-oriented literacy research is a young field in the Nordic countries. For this reason, the Journal wishes to publish a rich material consisting of analyses of Nordic literacy practices.

In the modern information society, the ties between literacy and learning are growing ever closer. This is true of all age groups, and of practices in and outside school and in various media. The broader focus on learning contexts invites researchers to immerse themselves more deeply in the contextual frameworks surrounding literacy-related learning activities.

The Journal aims to be the natural first choice for those wishing to disseminate or obtain knowledge about literacy in the Nordic countries. Further, the Journal places a high value on recognition and respect across methodological boundaries. It is open for articles representing a wide range of methods, provided that they are used precisely and sensibly, as well as for theoretical works.

The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research is an open-access scholarly journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.